Drainage and Erosion

100_0610Many areas in Franklin county suffer with from drainage issues, that can lead to such issues as floods, erosion, structural damage, and pools of standing water. Renaissance Excavating specializes in addressing drainage problems of all types using a variety of equipment and products. In particular, Curtain (French) drains and catch basins are possible solutions that Renaissance might use to resolve  drainage issues.

Curtain Drains

Curtain or French drains are simple in design but very effective ways to combat drainage problems.  They are best installed by a qualified drainage contractor. Curtain drains are ditches that are used to direct rainwater and groundwater away from areas with poor drainage. These drains are usually covered over with loose gravel or rock.  We usually lay pipe along the bottom to help transport the water. Depending on the severity of the water problem, French drains can be a foot or more deep. Renaissance utilizes excavating techniques to make sure the trench is sufficiently deep, wide, and long. After excavating, our professionals will determine the best type of cover to use and decide where to divert the water.

Catch Basins

Another way to handle drainage issues, catch basins are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are used by engineers to prevent water accumulation on tracts of land. Water enters through a surface grate, which prevents the entry of very large debris. The basin collects smaller sediment, and the water is then discharged through drainage lines. An advantage to this solution is that extensive excavating is not usually necessary for smaller areas. Our engineers will be able to determine the optimum placement for catch basins.


No matter the project, erosion control is an important step that must be taken during planning and preparation. Renaissance uses erosion and silt control measures in order to protect the surrounding area from construction debris and runoff.

Landscaping is a great way to control erosion we at Renaissance Excavating can help plan the best landscaping techniques for any project, be it fiber mulch mats, terracing, or a stylishly functional retaining wall.

Erosion Control is part of the Construction Services offered by Renaissance Excavating. Erosion Control is an important part of owning all types of property and understanding the principal of erosion from wind, water as well as other factors effecting the property is critical and Renaissance can help you with this.


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