Septic Systems – New and Repair

Septic System New & Repair

Renaissance Excavating has years of experience with sewage and drainage work.  This includes installation as well as repair, reconstruction, and expansion.  We are licensed Title V inspectors and can address any Title V related concerns that you might have.

Whether you need updates, repair, replacement or new construction installation, Renaissance has the knowledge, experience and equipment required to get your job done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The cost, process and requirements vary depending on factors such as: soil type, water usage and local jurisdiction. Leave the variables to us! We will work with you along the way from the initial design to your first tank cleaning.

Types of Septic SystemsThere are different types of Septic systems.  Renaissance has experience installing all types of septic systems:

  • leach field or leach trenches
  • Pump systems
  • Pressurized dosing systems
  • Recirculating Sand filter systems
  • Infiltrator* systems
  • Presby* systems
  • Advantec* treatment systems

How Do I Know If I Need A Septic System?              
Do you have an existing system?During sale or title transfer, the septic system may need to be upgraded to make the system compliant including Title V and other pertinent Massachusetts code. To find out whether or not your system is compliant, call Renaissance.System may be failingThere are many reasons why a septic system may start to fail. Routine pumping (every 2 -3 years) as well as proper care will help with the longevity of your system. While there are several signs of a failing system, the most prominent symptom is effluent surfacing in the drainfield area.


Adding a room to a home?Septic systems are designed to handle an estimated usage based on the number of bedrooms and size of a home. Adding to your home/office or building a garage etc to tie into the existing septic system may require an update to the system to meet Massachusetts code.New construction?If there isn’t a city sewer and water main available, chances are a septic system will be required. Check with your local government’s building department for information.I need a new system, where do I start?To start the process of installing a new septic system, you need to obtain a design/site plan. The site plan is used by system installers to create a proposal on the work to be performed, based on specifications per Massachusetts code.* – Registered trademarks 100_0875

Located in Gill, Renaissance Excavating serves Western Massachusetts including Franklin County and the Pioneer Valley areas.

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